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Speech of Chairman of Ayub Foundation

ayub sir The Prophet  said, “The most righteous of people is the one who brings the greater good to the community.” Because of this, the most beneficial of all deeds is one that continues to bear fruit for generations to come. Trust has been an essential component in the building of Islamic civilization.

Wishing to rekindle and spread the great and noble virtue of learning that has marked the Muslim worlds in earlier times, I am establishing Ayub Foundation on the Bay of Bangle in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

As a new “House of Wisdom,” the College shall be a beacon for peace, hope, and reconciliation and shall serve the people of the Bangladesh and benefit all the peoples of the world in keeping with the teachings of the Holy Quran, which explains that God created mankind in order for us to come to know each other.

3It is my desire that this new College become one of the Bangladesh’s great institutions of learning on hand; that it educate and train future generations of technologists, scientists, and engineers; and that it foster, on the basis of merit and excellence, collaboration and cooperation with other great research institution and the private sector.

The College shall have all the resources that it needs to pursue these goals. A perpetual trust is being established and shall be managed for its benefit by an independent Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall embody wise and responsible governance in support of the spirit of creativity that the college represents.

The coastal locale of the College is an area of great natural beauty and cultural significance. In its design, construction and operations the College will conserve natural resources and demonstrate by precept and example the value of responsible environmental stewardship.

Since College striving for excellence depends on an atmosphere of exploration and initiative, nurturing and protecting freedom of research, thought and discourse related to scholarly work will be among the primary objectives of Ayub Foundation Technical College.

front-pageOur intention is to create an enduring model for advanced education and scientific research. A complete residential and academic compound will permit the faculty, staff, students, associates and their families to enjoy a rich and broad range of educational programs and social amenities. In providing a strong foundation for all aspects of life and work in the College, we aim to ensure its success in promoting the economic development and social prosperity of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh and of the world.

 Engineer. Md. Ayub


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